Barley Malt Extract Containing Honey

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Barley malt containing honey is a delicious compound of barley malt extract and natural honey.  This product takes advantage of the beneficial properties of both barley malt extract and honey simultaneously.

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Product Description

Natural honey is a nutritious food containing Amino acids, Proteins, B vitamins, Folate, E vitamins, Carotene, Biotin, Niacin, and the minerals like Iron, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Copper, Manganese, Phosphorous, Zinc, Selenium, etc. that are absorbed in the body. Honey consumption has highly been recommended by Mohammad, the prophet, and the fourteen infallibles.

Honey Benefits:

Antibacterial: Antibacterial property of honey prevents growth of special germs. Honey contains enzymes that produce Hydrogen peroxide. It is believed that the antimicrobial properties of honey are due to the presence of the same hydrogen peroxide. Therefore, honey is one of the best treatments for wounds and cuts because it does not allow germs to penetrate into the wound.

Allergy Improvement: Honey contains bee pollen, which is known to cope with infections, relieve allergies and increase immunity. Honey capability in allergy prevention is based on immunotherapy. Honey bees collect pollens and change them into honey. The person suffering from allergy will experience less seasonal allergy after honey consumption for a period of time. Researchers have shown that honey consumption, in general, will relieve allergy symptoms.

Natural Energy Sources: Honey contains natural sugars, minerals, vitamins, pollens, and Proteins. Honey is an energy source that is easily absorbed, in the form of liver glycogen, and is considered as an ideal source of energy before or after exercise.

Rich Source of Antioxidants Improving the Immune System of the Body:

According to the studies’ results, daily use of honey increases the level of antioxidants that enhance the body health. Antioxidants are against the free radicals released in the body. Honey consumption also strengthens immune system of the body, prevents debilitating diseases, and its daily consumption will increase the number of red and white blood cells.

Honey contains Polyphenols, highly effective antioxidants, that reduce the risks of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Studies have shown that honey contains flavonoids as antioxidants, Pinocembrin, Pinostrobin, and chrysene. Pinocembrin supports the enzymes and the studies have shown that it motivates Apoptosis (programmed cell death) of many cancer cells.

Sleep Improvement:

Honey can improve sleep in the two following ways:

  • Honey consumption before bed is so effective. Honey restores liver glycogen storage and prevents the brain from searching for fuel that may make you awake.

  • Honey consumption, by creating a small sensor on insulin surface, will release Melatonin, which triggers the release of tryptophan in the brain. Melatonin also increases immunity and helps to rebuild tissues during rest period. Since sleep deprivation causes many health problems and diseases, sleep improvement can prevent these diseases.

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