Barley Malt Extract Powder

Barley Malt Extract Powder

Barley malt extract powder is similar to malt extract in its properties.

One of its considerable properties is increasing the breast milk of lactating mothers, which results from an increase in prolactin hormone secretion. According to the researches, Polysaccharide compounds (Pectic acid and ϐ-Glucan) give lactogenic properties to this product.

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Product Description

The ϐ-Glucan in malt, by affecting the lactotrope in interior pituitary gland, causes prolactine hormone secretion that result in increasing breast milk of lactating mothers.

B vitamins, Proteins, minerals, natural sugars as its components and its pleasant flavor have made this product to be considerably favored.

Dissolve malt extract in juice or milk and use it as a height or baby food supplement and also as a breast milk enhancer in lactating mothers. It is also used in powdered bodybuilding supplements that not only provide healthy natural sugars and a delicious flavor, but also provides a portion of the Protein, vitamins and minerals required by the athlete.

Industrial Applications:

  • In bakery (Bread, cake and cookies), confectionery, and biscuit cooking
  • In food supplements (for babies, teens, athletes and the pregnant women).
  • A substitute for sugar in producing dietary healthy foods
  • In ice cream production
  • In producing flavored milk for giving a new pleasant flavor to milk

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