Dark- Roasted Barley Malt Flour

Dark-roasted malt flour is famous for its quality and diversity.

Industrial Applications: Giving color and taste to all food products

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Product Description

One of the most important applications of dark-roasted malt powder is in production of low-alcohol beer. This product can be an appropriate substitute for caramel and can be in different colors, aromas, and flavors depending on the customers’ taste and requirement.

It gives a light brown color to the breads’ surface and makes pinwheel cookies and biscuits SHINE!!!

Dark-roasted malt, the same as other roasted food products as coffee and cocoa, can gives color to the products; from light brown to dark brown and even black. It also gives them a taste of coffee or roasted bread.

The advantage of this product compared to other products with the same application is its high quality and nutritional value.

Behmalt Company is capable of producing dark-roasted malt flour in a wide range of colors depending on customer’s order.


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