Malt Extract for Poultry (Low-alcohol Beer Extract for Poultry)

Malt Extract for Poultry (Low-alcohol Beer Extract for Poultry)

This product can be used for all types of poultry in different ages, and especially for the ones suffering from digestive disorder and inappetence during nutritional stress period.

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Product Description

Advantages :

  • As an anti-stress substance, it can be used in different seasons especially in stresses caused by heat and transport
  • By increasing the activity of  kidney and liver, the centers with antitoxic functions for elimination of poisoning, it plays an important role in eliminating food and drug poisoning
  • Since this is a diuretic product, it is suggested for the patients who deal with malfunction of kidney.
  • Due to the presence of considerable amount of folate, it increases the volume of blood and Protein production in the body
  • It will result in fatter and more healthy poultry
  • It will result in reduced paralysis caused by vitamin B deficiency
  • It improves conversion factor in broilers
  • More egg production in larger weight ( Economic efficiency)
  • Lower mortality rate

Malt extract, for its B vitamins and lactogenic feature, can also be used as food supplement for dairy cattle to increase their milk.



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