Rice Bran

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Rice bran is a rich source of vitamins B and E that improve skin texture, remove the dark spots and make your skin shiny. This product that prevents skin wrinkles and has anti-oxidant properties is widely used in Japan beauty centers.

High amount of vitamins B and E and also the minerals like zinc in rice bran stimulate the metabolism process of live and active cells of hair follicles and prevent hair loss or whitening of hair. Also, in some people, rice bran consumption will result in hair regrowth.

How to Use? Add 2-3 tablespoons of rice bran to all your foods as, broth, Ash, soup, Haleem, etc. in the last 10 minutes of cooking. It does not give any taste or flavor to the food but gives it a smooth texture.

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Product Description

All brans as wheat bran, barley bran, millet bran, and rice bran are good sources of B vitamins. Removing rice bran from rice decreases the nutritional value of the rice. Rice bran is mostly equal in the volume of soluble and insoluble fibers.  It is pleasant in smell and taste and is somehow similar to malt. Rice bran contains unsaturated fats that are good for hearth health. Rice bran is good for controlling high blood pressure and high cholesterol, improving alcoholism treatment, preventing colorectal and intestine cancer, strengthening immune system of the body, improving liver function, etc. It has a balanced amount of complex carbohydrates that digest them slowly, along with the creation of sustainable energy. Consuming rice bran helps keeping blood sugar levels constant. It is also a nerve stimulator.

All these benefits are in rice bran that we throw away. As a result, we suffer from bad nerves, and we get rheumatism, sciatalgia, and gout. We also confront hair loss or premature hair whitening. Other complications of vitamin B deficiency are also obvious in our body.

People who get fat after eating rice or the ones whose body is incompatible with rice no medicine is suggested for them except rice bran soup.



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