Roasted Malt

75,000 تومان

Roasted malt powder is a product of ground roasted malt grain and is considered as one of the major products of malt grain. Shahd Zagros Jahanbin, as an industrial Company, has manufactured and marketed this product for the first time in Iran. This product is used for giving color and flavor to cakes, cookies, alcohol-free beer, carbonated drinks, vinegar, confectionary, etc.

Roasted Malt: An Appropriate Substitute for Caramel

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Product Description

Roasted Malt Usage:

Giving color and taste to the food products

One of its major uses is in manufacturing alcohol-free beverages. It can be an appropriate substitute for caramel.

Giving a shiny color to breads, cookies, and biscuits

Roasted malt grain, similar to the other roasted food products as coffee and cocoa beans, can be in light and dark and even in black colors and can give different tastes to products.

In comparison to the similar products, it is in high quality with high nutritional value


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