Rye Flour

80,000 تومان

Rye is categorized in wheat family. This cereal is a good source of Magnesium, Selenium, Phosphorous, Folic acid, Thiamine, and Niacin. In addition to vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, rye contains soluble and insoluble fibers. In recent years, that the quality of bread has become its prominent feature, rye flour has become considerably important in bakery industry. Rye quality is better than barley, oat, rice, millet, and corn. Rye bread is different from wheat bread in appearance. This difference is due to its dark compressed texture which categorizes it as a delicious bread.Rye flour is more nutritious than wheat flour. Because it’s hard to remove its bran and buds. More Pentosan in rye, makes its bread as a dietary one.

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Product Description

Rye Bread Usefulness for Health:

Rye fiber provides the ground for losing weight: Rye is rich in fiber, and its fiber contains a large amount of non-cellulose polysaccharides that is capable of connecting to water, and creates a feeling of satiety.

It prevents kidney stone: : Consuming food products containing insoluble fibers as rye prevents gallstones, especially in women. This is due to accelerated movement of food in the intestine, reduced bile acid secretion (which itself leads to the formation of gallstone), and increased insulin sensitivity and decreased triglycerides.

Decreasing risk of type 2 diabetes: Rye and other cereals are rich in Magnesium. Magnesium is a mineral substance that is considered as an auxiliary to 300 enzymes, which include the enzymes involved in glucose consumption and insulin secretion.

Improve intestinal health: The fiber contained in rye, by binding to intestinal poisons and disposing them, as well as binding to carcinogenic chemicals, reduces damage to intestinal cells and prevents colon cancer.

High cardiovascular benefits for women after menopause: In menopause period, women are suggested to consume rye and oat 6 times a week which leads to lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and reduces cardiovascular diseases.

Preventing cancer: Rye, the same as other cereals, contains hundred kinds of Phytochemicals. The available Lignin in this cereal is a phytoestrogen which reduces the risk of hormone-related diseases, such as breast cancer.

Preventing heart failure: The consumption of whole grains and fibers, by reducing blood pressure and the risk of heart attack, reduces the incidence of hospitalization and mortality caused by heart failure.

Controlling Blood Glucose Level: controlling Glucose and insulin levels are essential in preventing complications of diabetes. Rye consumption can prevent sudden increase in blood glucose results from food intake.


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