The process of sprouting increases carotene, C and B Vitamins. It breaks external layer of grain which leads to an easy digestion.Sprouted wheat powder reduces tiredness and weakness. Since Intestine absorbs Vitamins, sprouted wheat facilitates the process of digestion in stomach and intestine. Having some amounts of A vitamin in this product helps improve vision and skincare. The most common use of sprouted wheat powder:1. sprouted wheat powder face maskRejuvenating, anti-spot, anti-wrinkleSprouted wheat powder is the most famous and practical face mask which is easy to use. Besides, this powder is softener and moisturizer and due to its antioxidant properties, B and C group of vitamins is a powerful anti- spot and rejuvenating.  2. children’s food supplementSprouted wheat powder is a healthy food supplement which works like delicious multi vitamins. Beh malt’s sprouted wheat powder contains various vitamins, proteins and antioxidants make a tonic for children. This product strengthens body’s immune system, prevent cold, warms up body and rise brain activity because It contains selenium, magnesium and C vitamin which have antioxidant properties. A vitamin in sprouted wheat powder is found in skin, hair, eyes, teeth and gum, which leads to better function and health in these organs. This vitamin helps increase bone formation in the process of growing up and benefits pregnant women and children in certain ages.