Malted barley flour contains B-group vitamins, protein, carbohydrates, fiber and various minerals such as iron, calcium, zinc etc.
The most common use:
1. face peeling mask
Malted barley powder is the best natural peeling mask and anti-spot that is easy to use. Due to the enzyme activities on the skin, it is believed to be a complete peeling mask.
2. children and teenager’s food supplement:
Malted barley powder is rich in zinc. Surveys on children in growing age with bread and white rice as main dish, has shown impressive shortness of height. In the process of survey, experts used suitable amount of zinc on children which lead to 10-12.5 C growth in their height. This material strengthens the bones and prevents weakness and anorexia. Certainly high amount of B-group Vitamins is the best choice for impatient and nervous people, it is also a good nutrient for athletes and who suffer from indigestion. It benefits who lack salivation, recovering from diseases and should eat easy digestible food.