What is poultry Malt Extract?
It is an extract obtained from germinated barley seed (malt). Poultry Malt Extract are rich in a variety of minerals, vitamins, especially B vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and antioxidants.

Reasons for consuming poultry Malt Extract:

Increase the bird growth rate and decrease the growth period from 42 days to 38 days.
3. Significant reduction in casualties due to avian stroke
2. Skeletal strength and reduction of paralyzes caused by vitamin B deficiency
2. Adhering feed micronutrients to coarse grains due to the adhesion of feedstock and its convenient consumption by poultry.

Other Important Reasons for Poultry Malt Extract in the Poultry Diet:
Anti-stress in different seasons, especially in heat stress, transportation or vaccination.

Increased antioxidant activity of liver and kidney and elimination of drug toxicity

Increased proteinurization and hematopoietic activity in the body due to the high levels of folic acid

Improved conversion factor (ratio of feed intake to weight gain)
3. More egg production, weight gain and yolk color, increased albumin and shell thickness

1. Help digestion by having 2-glucanase and phytase enzymes.
Reduce production and treatment costs
7. Helping to keep the herd even

Economic justification for the use of poultry feed in the ration
Research has shown that consumption of poultry milk in the diet reduces the number of days needed to achieve slaughter weight by four days.
We will also gain about 35 grams per poultry in exchange for using 5 kg of poultry Malt Extract in 1000 kg of seed .