Bemalt is active in the four areas of nutritional and medicinal supplements for livestock, poultry, bees and aquatics, and with the help of university research teams and university professors, it has succeeded in producing malt-based medicinal and strengthening supplements.
Also, due to the delicious food, constant access to the products and numerous nutritional properties that the products have, many companies active in this field have changed their products from molasses and other sweeteners to malt and malt extract, which are in the form of juice and powder. Available have changed.


By using laboratory fish farms in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari provinces and in the north and south of the country, we succeeded in producing prebiotic and beneficial products for the production of salmon, carp and shrimp.
One of the things that producers say about the use of malted products is that fish meat becomes tastier after consuming malted products, because this product makes the fish more lively and active, and as a result, their meat becomes tastier. can be
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Aquatic products


Bees and bees:

The consumption of malt and beer in this area goes back to many years and there were always beekeepers who used these products citing foreign articles. The company designs specialized products in this area and presents them to the beekeeping community.
In addition to being herbal and increasing the life span of bees, these products have a state similar to honey and have been welcomed by bees.

Bee products


Livestock and poultry:

Environmental stresses have always had an unfortunate toll in this area. Experimentally, veterinarians and animal and poultry nutritionists have always prescribed malt beer repeatedly, the effective ingredient of which is malt. Today, due to the specialized products produced in this field, not only producers are exempted from buying beer, but they will have the required micronutrients available without additives and at a much more economical price.

Livestock and poultry products