Behmalt’s QC manager accepted as the best

Behmalt, The Food governmental Inspector , has recently announced that their Quality Control Manager, Rahim Torabi, has been awarded as the best Quality Control Manager in the industry. The award was presented by the Regional QC Association at the annual awards ceremony in recognition of Torabi's outstanding contribution to the company and his expertise in managing the company's QC operations.

Mr. Torabi joined Behmalt in 2015 as a QC member, quickly moving up to the role of a manager in four years. Under his leadership, Behmalt has successfully completed several complex technical projects, increasing the company’s productivity and customer satisfaction. Torabi has always been known for his strategic thinking, problem-solving ability, and exceptional leadership skills.

Speaking on the occasion, the CEO of Behmalt, Mohammad Rostami, said, “We are extremely proud of Mr. Torabi and his accomplishments. He has been a key member of our team and a huge asset to the company. His dedication, commitment, and passion for technical services are unmatched, and we are delighted that his hard work has been recognized by the industry.”

Mr. Torabi expressed his gratitude and stated that he considers this award to be a recognition of the entire team’s hard work and contribution. He further added, “I am thrilled to receive this award. It is a testament to the exceptional work our team does every day and the support I have received from my colleagues and senior management at Behmalt. I look forward to continuing to work with this amazing team and take our technical services to greater heights.”

This is a significant achievement for Behmalt, as it highlights the company’s commitment to excellence and the exceptional talent it has in its workforce. The award serves as a testament to Behmalt’s standing as a leader in the technical services industry.