Chocolate Malt Extract

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“Behmalt” Chocolate Malt Extract

Chocolate malt extract is a new product from “Behmalt” company which is primarily based on malt extract and contains another nutritious and energy-boosting substance called chocolate in its formulation. Due to the high percentage of malt extract in the composition of this chocolate product, it can be called a vitamin chocolate since the main ingredient of this product, which is malt extract, is rich in B-group vitamins. This product contains beneficial minerals such as sodium, calcium, potassium, manganese, zinc, iron, and phosphorus, which are necessary and essential for body metabolism. This product can be consumed as a snack, children’s food, and a dietary supplement for athletes as it is a complete source of various minerals and vitamins.


High quality

Suitable packaging

Suitable brix

Certified by health authorities

Free of saturated fatty acids

Rich in various vitamins

High halal compatibility

Health-promoting benefits

Rich source of fiber

Natural multivitamin

Beneficial for the digestive system

Natural dietary supplement

Storage conditions

Store in a dry, clean, and cool environment.

Storage time

The recommended storage time is 1 year after production.


This product can be sent in bulk to beverage factories and other related industries.