Malt extract with honey and sesame

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 Malt extract with honey and sesame

Malt extract with honey and sesame is a delicious combination made from a mixture of natural and high-quality malt extract, honey, and sesame. The presence of sesame with malt extract in this product has multiplied its benefits several times. This amazing product has the properties of malt extract, honey, and sesame simultaneously.


High quality

Suitable packaging

Suitable brix

Certified by health authorities

Free of saturated fatty acids

Rich in various vitamins

High halal compatibility

Health-promoting benefits of malt extract with honey and sesame:


Improves allergies

Natural source of energy

Source of antioxidants and increases the body’s immunity

Improves sleep

Warm in nature

Benefits of sesame in malt extract with honey and sesame

Soothes the stomach and intestines

Reduces high blood pressure


Relieves gallbladder discomfort

Relieves shortness of breath, dry cough, and lung ulcer

Rich in calcium

Improves skin, hair, and nails health

Improves hoarseness

Storage conditions

Store in a dry, clean, and cool environment.

Storage time

The recommended storage time is 1 year after production.


This product can be sent in bulk to beverage factories and other related industries.