Powdered malt extract

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Powdered malt extract supermarket

The powdered form of malt extract has a high shelf life and is suitable for home use. This powder contains various vitamins and minerals, and due to its low moisture content, it has a longer shelf life than liquid malt extract and is also easier and safer to transport.

Benefits of malt extract powder

Contains vitamins B, E, minerals such as copper, calcium, magnesium, folic acid, iron, and fiber.

A very suitable supplement to help with digestion and absorption of food and gastrointestinal health.

Reduces colon cancer and increases nutrient absorption in the intestine.

Lowers blood cholesterol.


An energy and nutritious supplement for children, athletes, and adults.

Improves children’s growth and general weakness.

A natural milk booster and a healthy supplement for pregnant and lactating mothers.

A sugar and sweetener substitute for everyone, especially diabetics (under the supervision of a doctor).

Enriches homemade products.

Storage conditions

Store in a dry, clean, and cool environment.

Storage time

The recommended storage time is 1 year after production.


This product can be sent in bulk to beverage factories and other related industries.