Wheat Malt Extract

Wheat malt extract is a natural sweetener that can be used in various industries. It is known for its high diastatic power, fermentable sugars with rapid digestion and absorption, and high flavor and aroma. Wheat malt extract is a combination of natural sugars such as maltose, glucose, and other oligosaccharides. The syrup contains approximately 65% maltose, 30% complex carbohydrates, and 3% storage protein (glycoprotein prolamin). Its sweetness is approximately half that of refined white sugar.

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“Behmalt” Wheat malt extract

Wheat malt is the second most common grain used in brewing after barley malt. Wheat malt extract is usually made from a combination of wheat malt and barley malt. Wheat malt extract is produced in two types of 100% wheat malt and 50% wheat malt and 50% barley malt. This product is processed by mashing to extract wheat protein malt and produces a high-quality, high-protein extract. Then, it is concentrated in vacuum operators to achieve the desired structure and brix.


Brewing industries, food filling, baking industries, pharmaceutical industries.


High quality

suitable packaging

suitable brix

certified by health authorities

free from saturated fatty acids

rich in various vitamins

high halal, improving aroma and taste

providing golden-caramel colour in products

natural agglomeration and accumulation in products like granola bars

natural preservative

improving the structure of baking products

aiding fermentation and increasing volume

rich in natural wheat carbohydrates

Storage conditions

Store in a dry, clean, and cool environment.

Storage time

The recommended storage time is 6 months after production.


This product can be sent in bulk to beverage factories and other related industries.