Currently, malt and its derivatives are used as a parent product in more than 300 types of products in the world. Malt can be produced from any type of grain, but the most widely used is barley and wheat malt, which is processed and consumed in different ways. Bemalt has tried to meet the needs of customers for this valuable product by creating a high variety of malt derivatives. Its most important use is in the following industries, which we will discuss separately.


One of the most important malt-consuming industries is malting, which is consumed in the form of grain or malt extract according to the cooking methods of the factories. Special malts are also one of the attractive areas of malting, which has allowed Malt to produce nearly 4 industrial models and 5 customized types for different formulations of malting beer.
Beverage producing companies can create a new aroma, color and taste by ordering their unique special malt.

Sweets and biscuits:

Behind the packaging of every crunchy and delicious cracker and biscuit, you will definitely find one of the malt derivatives. Malt is widely used in bread, biscuit and confectionery industries. By reading the description of each product, you can understand the various uses of each one. Today, wheat malt is widely used in European pizza and pasta doughs.

bread production

One of the most important areas of malt consumption is in the bread industry. Malt has opened its way to this field in different ways, but another field of work for malt is the production of barley and rye flour, which is done under the supervision of food and medicine and with a health certificate. It should be noted that Bemalt is the first producer of barley flour with a standard certificate in Iran.
Today, malt extract has replaced juice and honey products in various forms, and manufacturers use it to produce granola, protein bar, cake with extract nuts, topping sweets, and even combining it with chocolate and nutritive creams.
Regarding the import of hop pellets by this company, it declares to Malta its readiness to supply this product to the manufacturing companies.


Malt is widely used in culture and laboratory environments or as a drug carrier. Today, many pharmaceutical companies use malt extract for the base of medicines, so that the medicine is more tasty and tonic and plant-based. It should be noted that these products contain gluten and should be included on the drug label so that they are not consumed by gluten sensitive patients.
Also, we have known for years that malt increases breast milk, which is all because of malt and its milk-increasing effects. Today, many doctors analyze malt extract powder as lactating powder, and many pharmaceutical companies have marketed their lactating powder based on malt by adding more effective ingredients.

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